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All models appearing on Wankitnow, BoppingBabes, DownblouseJerk, Upskirtjerk & LingerieTales
 #6496  by Dionysus
 Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:53 am
Ok, so I have to admit that I was skeptical about today's update ("Just Me & You") when I first loaded up the scene. The idea of the model alone with a cam with no direction seemed like it might not be the best plan of action (no actual camera guy being potentially the biggest issue).

That said, I ended up really enjoying seeing Lucy stumble around for a minute before getting her bearings and then getting quite naughty for us. As the scene ended I thought to myself that not only was that an unexpectedly hot scene, but I actually kind of like the fact that it's just the model doing her thing to try and entertain us without direction. It provides a glimpse into the model's personality (like the behind the scenes clips) as well as gives of a sense of just how much she enjoys her job and wants the viewers to enjoy their time watching her. There's also the added benefit of, since it's unscripted, having the model simply decide to do something she may or may not typically be asked to do in the scene. The fact that Lucy pulled out a toy and started getting slightly carried away, for instance, was rather nice to see (though it's a shame she decided to stop before finishing herself off, lol).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while I really love the traditional story/roleplaying clips, one of these sort every so often could be rather nice as we get a little bit of a window into just who these models are when they aren't following a script. Of course there is always the possibility of a relatively uninspired clip if the model asked to do this gets too flustered at the idea of doing an unscripted scene for us. That's the risk that you take with these sorts of clips though - the model can either spontaneously come up with a very enjoyable scene or one that maybe never makes it to the site because it was rather uninspired...
 #6560  by CZDaveLister
 Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:22 pm
lee wrote:"Sisters Webcam"...

I used to think it's not possible to make something better than My Sister Is A Hooker. I was wrong. Sister's Webcam is clip of the year for me :-)
 #6562  by Dionysus
 Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:37 pm
CZDaveLister wrote:
lee wrote:"Sisters Webcam"...

I used to think it's not possible to make something better than My Sister Is A Hooker. I was wrong. Sister's Webcam is clip of the year for me :-)

I personally still prefer "My Sister Is a Hooker" for my favorite scene from Lucy; but "Sister's Webcam" was quite enjoyable as well. :D
 #6566  by Thondervult
 Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:54 pm
Yeah - I agree that "Sister's Webcam" was a great idea for a scene and was nicely performed by Lucy. The forthcoming follow-up looks like an absolute corker too - I think CZDaveLister and I will have a new favourite clip very soon! :D
 #6597  by Dionysus
 Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:19 am
lee wrote:"Please CUM On My Face" is today's update, it's the follow up to "Sisters Webcam", it should be a great scene for anyone that likes Lucy ;)

Indeed it is! Well done, Lee and the rest of the WIN crew :D.
 #6598  by CZDaveLister
 Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:08 am
Better and better :-) Her acting skills are just amazing. Lucy and WIN staff make me feel that I'm there and it's all real. I love it :-)
 #6608  by Thondervult
 Mon Mar 19, 2012 7:00 pm
Absolute classic scene from Lucy! The only fly in the ointment was the cumshot from the old stunt cock.

I'm looking forward to seeing her take on the new equipment :D
 #6618  by Dionysus
 Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:25 pm
A few ideas for Lucy's shoot tomorrow:

1) Lucy is an aspiring sports agent. She wants to represent them in their contract negotiations and get them endorsement deals as she's a big fan of sports of all kinds. She also knows it's going to be a bit difficult as there aren't many, if any, women in this line of work. She doesn't care though - she's motivated to be a part of professional sports and figures this is her way to do it. If she can just land one big client, she knows her career will take off.

The viewer is that sports star; and the scene takes place with Lucy being one of many agents that has been fortunate enough to get some one-on-one time with you to sell you on having her represent you. You're not very impressed by her limited resume, she seems extremely nervous, and the fact that she doesn't currently have any clients makes you think she wouldn't be the right agent for you. Sure, she's quite attractive, but you need to do what's best for yourself and your family financially. As such, you thank her for her interest and time, but inform her it's just not going to work out.

Unsurprisingly, Lucy begins to break down in tears. She had done her best to sell herself, but you're just another player that has turned her down. She stammers to herself about how she's had so little luck she may have to give up on her dream just so she can get a "normal" job to pay her bills. You try and comfort her and tell her to keep her chin up, you're sure she'll get someone eventually to sign on. She thanks you but explains that she's been trying for weeks now with no success. What's she going to do now?

In frustration, she rips her tie off, but in doing so she also ends up opening up her shirt a little and reveals some of her cleavage. You can't help but stare; and Lucy notices. She doesn't call you out on it, but she does get an idea as she looks you up and down before staring you directly in the face. She mentions how she forgot to inform you of some of the perks of signing on with her. You're confused until she starts unbuttoning her shirt. She grins as she sees you get aroused at the sight. She tells you that if you sign a written agreement she has with her right now (as she hands it to you) that you can have the full signing bonus delivered immediately. You hesitate, unable to pull your eyes away. You're conflicted - she seems smart and driven but she just doesn't have that experience; and you accidentally blurt out as much. She informs you that she may not be an experienced agent, but she does have quite a bit of "experience" in a different area, as she removes her bra and begins on her skirt. If you agree to let her be your agent, she says, you'll get access to all of that experience and the "perks" that provides - and as she says this her hands run across her chest and then one goes into her panties while the other up her mouth so she can suck on her finger. She also mentions that as her only client that making sure you're happy will be her only job and that you can ask her for "advice" or to hold a "strategy meeting" whenever and where ever you'd like. Just sign the contract.

Unable to control yourself, you sign. Lucy smiles and then moves forward to give you a better view of those "perks" and a "signing bonus" as a thank you. You won't regret your decision, she says; and you know you made the right call as she pulls out your cock...

2) Lucy again plays her character with her adult website. Today, however, she has received an offer from one of her biggest fans that she can't refuse. He's willing to pay her an incredible amount of money if she'll film a boy/girl scene from "his" perspective right now. He wants her to call him "daddy" though, only the man's penis should be seen, and he is not to be heard. The man wants to feel like he's having sex with Lucy and she quite enjoys it - especially when he cums all over her face. Lucy tells him she's going to need a few moments to find a guy to play the part; and the man agrees.

Lucy looks around the house for her brother whom has helped her before, but learns he's at work. In fact, the only one home right now besides her is her father (or step-father if you'd prefer - this is the viewer's character). She really doesn't know what to do - her father doesn't know about the site, and having sex with him would be extremely weird, but that's a lot of money the fan is offering and she could really use it to help out. Desperate, she goes over to her "daddy" and explains everything.

As expected, her father is shocked at the news. He had no idea what his little girl was up to; and the idea of fucking her is something his brain just can't comprehend. Why is she doing all this again? How much is the man offering exactly? She hands him a slip of paper with the exact figure and you gasp. That's a lot of money; and not only could Lucy really use it but so could the family. You look Lucy over and she IS quite attractive; but you'd never thought about her sexually before. You ask what exactly she wants you to do and she explains - pov, blowjob, sex, and facial but you'd never been seen or heard (except for your cock). "Please daddy", she begs as she looks up at you with those innocent eyes and her hair in pigtails. "It's just sex and no one would ever find out. We could really use the money". You reluctantly agree, but tell her you can't guarantee your body will react as she hopes. She smiles and tells you to leave that to her.

The scene then moves back to Lucy's bedroom where she's informing the guy she'd found someone and she agrees to his terms so long as he sends the money over first. He does so and she begins. She starts with a sexy striptease and dirty talk about everything she's going to do to "daddy"; and notices her father get hard at the sight of her sexy body. She notices she herself is getting aroused as she never realized how attractive her father was. She then proceeds to please both her "daddies" and make their dreams come true.

At the end of the scene, Lucy looks up at the camera with cum all over her face and says, "I hope you liked that, daddy. We should do it again sometime".

3) Lucy is a shy and conservative student who is doing research for a paper in the school library. You work at the library, it's getting really late, and you want to close and lock up so you can go home. You approach Lucy asking her to wrap things up, but she begs you to let her stay longer. She has a paper due tomorrow and she knows she won't be able to complete it to her satisfaction without these books (which she's not allowed to check out of the library) and with all of the distractions back at her place due to her roommates. Can't she stay here just a little longer? Please? You tell her you're sorry but you've got to get home. With a sigh, she starts collecting her things but accidentally spills her water all over her shirt. Since it was white, you now notice for the first time just what an attractive woman Lucy actually is. Her glasses, loose long-sleeved shirt, knee-high socks, and long skirt had left her with very little visible skin and, with none of her clothing being very tight, you hadn't noticed her curves.

Now, however, you're instantly aroused by the sight of Lucy touching her wet shirt and rubbing her breasts as she tries to dry off. She apologizes for getting water everywhere, but when she looks up at you she notices the bulge in your pants and look on your face. She's embarrassed and says she's sorry for not being very lady-like, but you tell her its fine. Still, she can't help but take quick glances at you. You're turned on and decide to allow Lucy a little more time to get some more work done. She thanks you, but is confused. Why are you being nice all of a sudden? Is it because you think she's pretty?

Before you can respond, Lucy mentions how that'd be a first for her. She was raised by a very conservative family and a father that never let her show any skin or hang out with boys. As such, she's always been an outcast and never dated. Seeing a man turned on by her has made her incredibly aroused herself. She says she hopes you don't mind, but she finds you incredibly attractive and blushes because she can't believe either that she said that or that you're still staring at her. She looks around and notices you're the only two there and then decides to let you in on a secret. She mentions, blushing, that while she's been able to sneak a few peaks at some porn in the past, she's never actually seen a naked man in person before. Would you be willing to show her? You quickly agree and she's pleasantly surprised at the sight of your large, hard cock. She asks if she can touch it, and you're not one to stop her. She strokes it with her hand for a few seconds before she asks, shyly, if you'd like to see her body. You're very much interested in that and she giggles as she backs up and tries her best to give you a sexy striptease (which is cute in how awkwardly she does it).

She asks if you like what you see and you can't help but get harder at the sight of her. She notices and her confidence obviously soars as a large smile crosses her face. Then, with as much confidence as she can muster, she drops to her knees in front of you and asks if she can give you her first blowjob and taste her first cum. You're surprised, but you're not going to stop her.

At the end of the scene, Lucy states that she needs to get back to her paper now, thanks you for agreeing to give her a few more hours to work on it, and says that if you'd like she'll stop by tomorrow night as well to work on a "different project". Tomorrow, she says, she'd like to have you go where no man has gone before and make her a woman...
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