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Suggest your favourite models to appear on Wankitnow, BoppingBabes, DownblouseJerk, Upskirtjerk & LingerieTales
 #6169  by Dionysus
 Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:16 pm
Hey guys, here's a few more links to Purestorm profiles for some lovely ladies that hopefully will make their way to WIN one day. These first four all list "adult" under their preferences; and I've noticed the first two while doing further "research" on the works of some current WIN models, so it's obvious they're no strangers to this type of work. The other two I haven't seen before. No more talking, let's get to the suggestions:

Emma Butt
Location: Bognor Regis
Images: Secretary, sexy, and topless.
Comments: Thanks to the fact that WIN now covers all of the UK, Emma here now becomes potentially available. During my research on her I found an interview that suggested she's pretty much blind without her glasses and contacts don't agree with her eyes; but the video looked a few years old so maybe that's no longer a potential issue. Even if she has to wear them for every scene though, I doubt that'd interfere with most scene ideas.

Sophia Knight
Location: London
Images: Clothed, topless, nude, and dirty thoughts.
Comments: I could have sworn I'd seen her requested already on here, but the search feature only brought up Sophia Smith and Sofia Cortez (glad to see she's got a confirmed shoot date already, by the way). She's another model we can thank the ability to now film in London for. I "discovered" her in a g/g scene with Danielle Maye and knew WIN had to try and get her in for some scenes...

Ayla Sky
Location: Sheffield
Images: Headshot, nude, and standing nude.
Comments: She's tiny at 4'8 and 91 lbs (142 cm and 41 kg/6.5 st), asian, lists "adult" under her preferences, and has a nice face and body. If she has a voice that matches her beauty and can do some acting then she should be a great addition to the site, in my mind at least.

Location: Islington
Images: One, two, and three.
Comments: Another smaller model at 5'4 (162 cm, no weight listed); and I like what I see of her face/hair/eyes. That said, I hesitated at first to post her here because her profile is extremely brief (two sentences), has no reviews, and only the three shots above are in her portfolio. That said, she does list "adult" in her preferences so maybe she's worth contacting for some further info?
 #6171  by Dionysus
 Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:59 pm
To add to today's list, here's four more models. They're all of the "wildcard" variety and seem like longshots, but I think any one of them would be worth the effort if WIN can book them.

Anna Kalek
Location: Greenwich
Images: Headshot, side/rear nude, topless, and implied full nude.
Comments: Some lucky guy gets to see her every day as she states she's been happily married for two years. She does nude and topless according to her preferences, so maybe she'd be willing to shoot for WIN.

Stephanie Tomlin
Location: East Yorkshire (no city listed)
Images: Headshot/Implied topless, rearview, and topless.
Comments: Quite a longshot as she only lists topless, not adult or even nude. Still, she only has three sentences of description in her profile so whether or not she'd be willing to consider shooting even an encouragement video for WIN is unknown. I love the look of her profile picture (first image above).

Jemma Perry
Location: Basingstoke
Images: Underwear, rearview, and topless.
Comments: Reminds me of Kayleigh in some of her shots. Another longshot as she only lists topless amongst her preferences. Still, tell me you wouldn't like Lee and the staff to at least send her an email after seeing those shots. She also reminds me of an english teacher I had in high school (yeah, I paid a lot of attention in that one) :o.

Location: Halstead
Images: Headshot, funny faces while topless, and full body fishnet.
Comments: Reminds me of Mercedes in a few of her shots and could likely play her sister (maybe that's just in my mind though). Lists both nude and topless amongst her preferences. Looks like she can really enjoy some shoots.
 #6172  by Dionysus
 Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:44 am
The final four suggestions for today. They all list topless and nude under preferences, but not a one lists adult. That said, all of their profiles are rather light on commentary so it's possible they'd be open to shooting WIN's content.

Kirstie Jade
Location: Leicester
Images: Headshot, topless, and sci fi.
Comments: As I've stated before on this site, I'm not a really big fan of tattoos, so the two large blue birds on her stomach/side and the winged heart below her belly button are a bit distracting to me. That said, any woman that is willing to do the third/sci-fi shot above gains quite a few points in my book (what can I say, I'm a Star Wars fan). It also gives me some ideas for a few sci-fi scenes...

Sarah Waters
Location: Livingston
Images: Front, side, and rear.
Comments: As you might have noticed by now, I'm a sucker for the dark hair and blue eyes combination. Of course the rest of her looks nice too ;) .

Jyssica Rose
Location: Telford
Images: Headshot, lingerie, and sexy ears.
Comments: For some reason I love the picture with the cat ears. Her profile consists of only three sentences, one of which gives me hope: "i generally haven't had much experience but im willing to learn!!". Inexperienced but cute.

Sophie Star
Location: Essex region (no city listed)
Images: Holiday outfit, rear, shower, and playing topless.
Comments: See a pattern yet on appearance (though she lists her eyes as green)? She also has her own personal website. My favorite part is where she states "My main ambition is to model for playboy once i reh this goal i will be happy :)" which suggests to me she might just be willing to be on WIN.

Edit/Comment: I told you I still had a lot of profiles to post, Lee, :lol:. If you'd like me to submit some more candidates just let me know. Otherwise, I'll hold off for a few days/until you're ready.
 #6218  by Dionysus
 Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:59 am
Four more for your consideration:

Gemma Hiles
Location: London
Images: One and two
Comments: The links are to her Twitter account. Her Facebook page is here. I ran across some of her work and thought she'd be a good addition to WIN but couldn't find a Purestorm account. Google her name for a lot more images :D . I'm not sure if she does anything more than topless and nude, but she at least works to those levels.

Chrissie Red
Location: Perth/Coupar Angus
Images: Face, Nude, and Nude again.
Comments: Doesn't list "adult" in her preferences, but doesn't state in her profile she won't do it. Has her own personal website. Tall model at 6'1/185cm.

Location: Hampshire region (city not specified)
Images: One, two, and three.
Comments: States "My levels I work up to is nude soft open leg , soft gg".

Samantha Healy
Location: Leeds
Images: One, two, and three.
Comments: Lists adult in her preferences and states she has "done a shoot which involved uk mag type shots so looking for more of this style to shoot and build my adult levels up". In a few of her images she reminds me of a blonde Nikita.
 #6220  by Dionysus
 Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:31 pm
Here's some more for today's consideration. Most of them are wildcards, however, so it'll be interesting to see if any are interested in this sort of work:

Amy Green
Location: Nottinghamshire region (no city listed)
Images: One, two, and three.
Comments: Has her own personal website. Works up to topless and implied nude; and apparently has done shoots for Playboy.

Ariella Long
Location: London
Images: One, two, and three.
Comments: Only lists topless under preferences but does say she'd do "shadowed artistic nude" so maybe that means she might work up to full nude (no open leg) once she gets comfortable with the team. Attractive woman that I think could still contribute positively to the site even if the most she ever ends up doing is topless.

Laura Lox
Location: Sheffield
Images: One, two, and three.
Comments: Lists both topless and nude in her preferences. Her hair is unique with that half-head of blonde and the other half being brunette. I love the third image above (innocent look, pure white skin, piercing blue eyes, etc).

Location: Enfield
Images: One, two, and three.
Comments: Works all levels of adult according to her profile. There's some information about her rates in her profile as well - though it's worded a bit harshly as it sounds like she's been swamped with ridiculous offers/suggestions in the last few days. She has a different look from most/all of WIN's current models. If she ends up shooting for the site, I'd love to see her hair like in the third image above.
 #6226  by jose
 Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:51 am
This is just an opinion and I do not mean to start fighting but I do not think this many new models are necessary. There are already many very good models on the site and I do no think the site needs a hundred new models. Not that some of your suggestions have not been good, but I think a lot of them are just definitely not an improvement on what the site already has. Quality over quantity et cetera.
 #6230  by Dionysus
 Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:58 am
jose wrote:This is just an opinion and I do not mean to start fighting but I do not think this many new models are necessary. There are already many very good models on the site and I do no think the site needs a hundred new models. Not that some of your suggestions have not been good, but I think a lot of them are just definitely not an improvement on what the site already has. Quality over quantity et cetera.

No offense taken. I understand your thinking; and I truly enjoy many of the current WIN models. That said, Lee has commented before that he wouldn't mind adding some new faces to the site but that he often gets a 1 in 5 or less response rate (and obviously far less that actually end up booking a shoot with the site). That's why I suggest so many, because chances are if I suggest twenty we may only get two to add to WIN. Also, since many of the more popular WIN models are quite busy individuals, the site needs to have a group of somewhat lesser-knowns to book to fill in the gap between proven models as well. That way we get to keep our video a day content rolling :D.
 #6271  by admin
 Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:47 pm
I really do appreciate the suggests, but you've given me soooooo many i haven't had time to get through them all yet but i will, you'll just have to leave it with me lol ...