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  • Scene Suggestion: Sister/Daughter As Seducing Stripper

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 #3733  by willmike81
 Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:04 pm
Would love to see a scene where the girl wants to get with her brother (or dad/step-dad) but he's turned her down too many times. She knows he's a bit pervy and horny all the time, and it frustrates her that he won't let her please him. One night she follows him and his mates out and quickly realizes they are going to a strip club. Apparently one of the lads is getting married, and they are going to preview the club where the bachelor party will be held. That's when she heads back home and devises her plan to become a stripper.

The next day she goes to the club, and being as fit as she is she immediately gets the job and top-billing in the VIP; which is great as she knows her wealthy brother (or father) spends lots of time in the VIP section. Her only problem now is how to find out what day the bachelor party is, and make sure she'll be working that night. Unfortunately, she learns that it was rescheduled to the day the video takes place on and she has that night off. She scrambles to call one of her girlfriends and begs to trade shifts with her. Her friend is reluctant, but our horny little slut isn't taking no for an answer and winds up paying her friend $500 for her shift. She wants her brother (father) so bad by this point, that she'd willingly pay much more than that for a chance at his cock. She tells bro (dad) she's off to work at her "waitressing" job, kisses him on the cheek, and heads to the club to show her goods to drunk bastards willing to throw dollars at her.

She's noticed that her targeted family member and his entourage are in the club, and getting drunker by the minute. She wants to wait until big brother (daddy) asks for a private dance to make her presence known, and has paid another dancer $400 to come get her once he does. Her friend tells her that he's waiting in a private room for her, and that several lapdances have already got him rock hard. She slips into the room quietly, closes the curtain, and turns around with the naughtiest smile on her face....

"Don't look so surprised big brother (daddy), you know how long I've wanted you. You turned me down one too many times, so I decided to take matters into my own hands." As she's saying this, she's slowly getting closer and unclasping her bra.

"You may have been able to deny me at home while mom was downstairs, but I doubt you'll be able to here." She's topless by now and right in his face.

"When I first got hired I was told that each girl could make her own rules for how far she would go with a guy in the VIP section, but that officially there was no touching allowed and the club would deny everything if the girl was caught by the cops doing anything more than dancing. Some girls only dance, some of us get a little more sensual with the client. The girl you thought was coming in would have let you suck on her tits as she rubbed your cock until you came." At this point it seems as though she's actually sitting in his lap.

"Her tits are nice, but mine are much nice wouldn't you say? Yeah, I know you like them. Go on, grab them if you want; you can even put them in your mouth. Oooh big brother (daddy), your cock feels nice and hard already for your baby sister (daughter), I think we're going to have a lot of fun..."

Then it leads into progressively dirtier talk as she pulls his pants down and proceeds to wank, tease, lick, and suck him off. She finishes it off by sliding him into her and bounces up and down while talking absolutely filthy (think Cate Harrington) and begging him for his cum. She can either take it internal, or use the "fake dick/cum" thing like in some videos to get a blast across the face and tits. The video ends with her saying that the dance would be free, and that she's so happy that you'll never say no to her again.

Not sure it matters who would be the star of this video, but when I thought of it Cate Harrington, Nikita, Amber, and Katie K. were on my mind. I think they could pull off the acting as well as the dirty talk.

Just a suggestion, but I hope you like it. Cheers!